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Reiki and Seichem are two words for gentle, hands-on healing. This is a technique for balancing the body’s energies and harnessing the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced ray-kee and Seichem is an Egyptian word, pronounced say-keem.

I simply place my hands on different parts of the body and the energies flow automatically to the areas of need, healing emotional and physical pain.

I can’t predict how many appointments you might need or how it will affect you. All I can tell you is what’s happened in the past.

Attuned – Reiki I in October 1997; Reiki II in February 1998; Seichem I & II in May 1998; Reiki & Seichem Masters in October 1998.

It’s impossible to predict how many sessions anyone needs or how Reiki & Seichem will affect you. All I can tell you is what has happened in the past.

A call doesn’t commit you to anything: we can always talk through any concerns you have before booking

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“Over the past 25 years I have spent thousands of pounds on physios and osteopaths. I have tried everything, always with the same result: within 3 months I needed more treatment. Until I tried Reiki, in July 1998. After two sessions of an hour each, my back felt normal and I was pain free for the next 15 months, so much so that I was able to do quite demanding stunts while filming in Canada that year.”Peter Egan, Actor
“Some years ago Jen’s Reiki supported me through an operation. My lack of pain and speed of recovery were surprising to the hospital staff.”

Pam Ferris, Actor



I have no desire to control anyone. Hypnotherapy is a way of supporting you to achieve the changes you want to make, helping you to stop smoking or to banish anxiety, for instance.

“When I asked for help with weight, sleep problems and my immune disorder, I thought it might help one of them, but I have noticed an improvement in all those areas” – Kate Jenkins.
“My partner had turned into a withdrawn, depressed stranger. After three sessions of hypnotherapy I got my singing, smiling guy back” – Kaz Bolan

Email Me About Hypnotherapy Treatments
“When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.”Dalai Lama
“My 3 year old retriever was diagnosed with arthritis. In spite of taking the maximum dose [of anti-inflammatories and steroids] he would cry in pain. After only an hour of Reiki he ran down the hall and hasn’t stopped running since.”Jacquelyn Smith, Nurse

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Anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be ill to benefit. These techniques are a great tonic and pick-me-up: prevention is better than cure.


Reiki & Indian head massage Spa days now available for up to 2 people with lunch. Contact Jen for more Info.

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